Web Hosting Overview

If you’re new to this whole website hosting business, and/or find it all a bit confusing, you’ve come to the right place!

Here we explain some of the broad concepts regarding web hosting, and give you a bit of an overview of the process you will need to need to go through to get set up with your own hosting account with us. You can also access our glossary page for an explanation of some of the key terminology that you’ll come across on this site.

First of all, web hosting is all about providing you with space on the internet where you can put your website so that the world can find it. This means that, in order to be ready for web hosting, you need to already have a website designed or be in the process of doing so!

Think of the internet as an office building, and your new website as an office in the buiding. Providing a hosting service is like giving you the office space; the website itself is all the furniture, staff, decor etc – everything that makes your office run.

Once you have you have your website and a web hosting account, there are two other things you need in order for people to be able to get to your site – a domain name (eg www.your-website-name.com), which is like a listing of your office/website in the foyer directory; and a link between the domain name and your website (think room and floor number next to your directory listing).

Steps to get your web hosting account

  • The first thing you will be asked after you select your hosting package is whether you already have a domain name, or would like to purchase one. If you need to purchase one, you can search for available names through our site.
  • Once your domain name is sorted, you will be directed to choose your billing cycle before heading to the checkout.
  • We use the secure eWay credit card gateway to process your payment. Once you have entered in your details, your payment can be processed and we will send you your login details so you can access your account.
  • Your login details will give you access to our Client Area, which contains all the information and tools you need to set up your website on your new hosting account.
  • With the tools at your disposal you are now ready to put your business on the web!