How secure is your website?

It’s a risky world  for all of us when  web site security is not maximised. We have dealt with some doozies of attacks on our servers hosting your websites and managing your email in the past three or four months.

And its not just us and Web24 – it’s a global phenomenon. Here is a great non techo article about the types of recent big hacks through web application vulnerabilities, from botnets and malware etc. When Microsoft cloud service 365 gets done – and Macquarie University – and  Billabong – you know its serious

Here are a few basic ways you can protect  your WordPress site.

1. Install a wordpress security plugin – OR ask us to! :

2. Avoid using ‘admin’ or anything obvious as your login name.

3. Use a strong password, (eg verb color animal number) . Test your password at: Change it often.

4. Keep your plugins and theme up to date.- or we can do it for you

5. Backup and download your site through c panel regularly. –  we can do this too

More on this later …..